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Sharing the Joy of Eid!

Md. Riduanul Hoque:
With a heart full of smiles, the picture of two leaders celebrating Eid’s joy in Chakaria has gone viral on Facebook. The images that went viral on the holy Eid-ul-Azha have received maximum acceptance from Facebook users.

On the one hand, the current member of the Chakriya-Pekua constituency and the president of Chakria Upazila Awami League Alhaj Zafar Alam (MA) on the other, the current mayor of Chakaria Municipality and the joint secretary of the Chakaria Upazila Awami League Alhajur Alamgir Chowdhury. Both of them successfully carry forward the great responsibility bestowed upon them. They are receiving the highest love and support of the people of every area.
If you look at the pictures, you will see that the two leaders are a joyous event. Love the sweet smile on the lips of the two. According to reports, Chakaria Municipal Mayor Alamgir Chowdhury rushed to MP Zafar Alam to exchange Eid greetings in the afternoon of the holy Eid-ul-Azha. The pictures of the two’s collars and long greetings exchanged with the Chakaria-Pekuya people.

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By exchanging greetings one will forget all discrimination, all discrimination. Let everyone come home to Eid. Through the hugs, let everyone forget about envy and hatred. May all the people of the country return home to peace and prosperity. May be elaborate harmony and harmony – this is our wish for Eid al-Azha.

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